Achieve Behavior Change

About Achieve Behavior Change

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an effective, research supported, intervention option for people with developmental disabilities who benefit from acquiring new skills or who are being held back by problem behaviors. Our programs make use of intensive ABA techniques to develop repertoires of behavior that facilitate success and independence in home, school, and community settings while eliminating or minimizing problem behaviors.

Our goal is to develop repertoires of behavior through motivating and meaningful behavior analytic sessions. This involves using a variety of techniques that are inherently behavior analytic. Grounded in the science of ABA, all interventions are data driven, based on a detailed individualized Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan. Response to intervention is our way of knowing if we are effective. Generalization and maintenance of learned skills are an essential part of intervention planning.


Lead behavior Interventionist

October 2018 Bakersfield, CA
“Just moved here and needed a new job. Same job as my previous job, but was given a higher position ”
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