Accounting Principals


August 2018 • San Francisco, CA

What I liked

I'm learning a lot in my current position. I actually started off as a contractor for their sister company while in college. I enjoy the type of work recruiters do in staffing agencies. Not only do they help numerous of people look for jobs, they also prepare them through the whole interviewing process. I remember what it was like to be unemployed and clueless about resume writing, job searching, and interview prepping. What I really like about working here is how this job allows me to help other people who were also in my position. I like being able to become a resource to people and be a guide for their next career moves.

What I wish was different

I wish I was good at negotiating pay rates at the time.


Be resilient during the interview process. I applied to 30+ jobs and only 4 reached out. Understand that rejection happens quite often during job searches but don't let that discourage you. Take the time to reflect on your resume and also ask around for help. Once you're in for an interview, be ready. Rehearse your experiences over and over again to prepare yourself. Also, pay attention to the interview questions. If you hear an interesting question by the recruiter, try to memorize it and write it down. Chances are, that question will be asked again in another possible interview. Don't look at going through numerous of interviews as a hassle, rather it should be looked at as a learning experience. Remember, be resilient and learn from every interview. Keep going!
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