Abbott & Associates Professional Placement

Patient Access Specialist

March - September 2018 • Portland, OR

What I liked

Working at OHSU was a fantastic experience due to the great staff and excellent management. I enjoyed my time helping patients and being a part of their treatment experience. I had the opportunity to learn helpful new skills and taste a "real job." Even though I was a temp, I was welcomed whole-heartedly. My managing agency was also very supportive--I couldn't have asked for a better temp experience.

What I wish was different

I would have loved to have more free time outside of work and transit. I also found the work to sometimes feel like a stressful combination of both high-stakes and extremely repetitive, robotic work. I wish there was more efficiency/automation in the systems I worked in so that I could focus my attention on the human aspects and not the pseudo-machine aspects. We also experienced staffing shortages a number of times, and I wished I was more experienced so I could better help take the burden off my full-time coworkers.


Take care of your health and communicate with your management about any adversity you're experiencing.
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