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About A&D Technology Inc.

A&D Technology (ADT) provides advanced test and simulation solutions for alternative energy, hybrid and conventional powertrain development, and vehicle development. Our open, flexible and cost-effective tools are designed to fit a wide variety of applications, from durability and performance Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) simulation to hybrid/electric vehicle and battery test systems. ADT delivers testing solutions for our customers. Our delivered solutions require multi-disciplined engineering efforts; solutions can be similar but are rearly the same.

What is an Applications Engineer at A&D Technology?
An A&D Technology (ADT) Applications Engineer (AE) works to provide an automated product testing solution for our customers. An AE is usually a degreed Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, or Chemical engineer with experience in automated engine/battery testing, writing code, process control, or instrumentation in general. Most products today require mechanical, electrical and computer engineering development teams. ADT’s AE team reflects our customers’ product development teams.

What products do we make?
ADT creates products and services specifically to solve our customers automated product testing requirements. Customer products can be a Car, Engine, Transmission, Battery, Valve or Electric Motor, to name a few. Automated Test is a broad category, it can be a simple machine that an operator manually connects to a product, presses the start test button and waits for the machine to report a test pass or fail. An Automated Test machine can also be a very complicated machine. One example of this being the EPA’s function of evaluating the mileage and emissions of a newly designed car. ADT has provided the entire control system, created all the control software that performs an exact test sequence, captured the performance data and created test reports for our customer. ADT AE’s are a key part of the effort involved in development, delivery and maintenance of testing solutions such as this for our customers.

What does an ADT AE do in a typical day?
Every day, AE’s solve problems using engineering knowledge and skills. They are part of a project team that works in stages to develop a solution for a specific customer project. Depending on the complexity of the project, each stage of the project can be short (days) or long (months). Every project is different, so AEs enjoy a variety of problems that need to be solved.

Some of the project stages that AE’s are involved with are:
• Test Procedure Definition - AE’s work with our customers to develop the project Test Procedure that includes: procedure, engineering conditions, evaluation criteria and report structure.
• Test Application Creation - Using the customer approved Test Procedure and the ADT hardware design, the AE will create a software solution, using a relatively simple, proprietary language, that will control the test machine/test cell.
• Configure/Verify the Hardware System - Once ADT finishes building the hardware system for the project, the AE will install the Test Application on the system PC and verify that the computer software can control all the hardware.
• Site Commissioning - The AE will verify that the entire ADT project system performs to the design specifications at the customer location. This is done by verifying that the original hardware, along with any new customer provided/installed hardware, can be controlled by the application properly and that the application will run the test and generate the appropriate information as defined in the test procedure.

Do ADT AEs work alone?
Not new AE’s. Some very experienced AEs do perform project stages on their own. Most AE’s gain knowledge/skills while being mentored or working with other AE’s.

Does ADT have a training program for their AE’s?
Yes. ADT has a weeklong, formal training class in how to use the ADT iTest software. The ADT iTest language is a relatively simple, proprietary language designed to be a Data Acquisition Application. After that, the ADT AE training program is largely self-directed. Training expectations are laid out to prepare the new AE to be "ready to take on projects". New AE’s are given a lot of time to work on training materials and shadow the more experienced AEs in the office and at customer sites.

Is being an AE a challenging engineering career?
Absolutely! It is hard to find a more challenging engineering career:
• AE’s need to develop, maintain and expand their engineering skill sets.
• New customer products are released all the time; AEs are working with new products before they are released; and AE’s have the opportunity to see technology develop.
• AE’s are involved with all aspects of the project. Different stages, different tasks, different people, different engineering disciplines; variety every day.

Once an AE, am I pigeon holed in my career?
No. At ADT, the AE is the entry engineering position. Why? Because the AE will be involved in every different department of ADT, gaining exposure to how ADT functions as a business. ADT has multiple different career opportunities that an AE can shift into: Project Engineers, Project Managers, Product Managers, Business Development Managers, Account Managers and more.

While ADT does not have any posted Jobs on the Handshake Site, ADT will be at the MTU Career Fair looking to fill open positions in the spring of 2023 specifically for new grads and coop positions.

Please download the 'Attached' FAQ's about ADT and New Grads for additional information.


Application Engineer

June 2018 Ann Arbor, MI
“Everyday is a challenge and the management team is extremely supportive of personal growth opportunities. I have learned so much and been given enough responsibility that I feel confident in my position.”

Graphic Design Intern

June 2018 San Jose, CA
“I got the opportunity to work closely with the Creative Director of the company, assisting her in large projects for each individual sector of the company (A&D Inspection, A&D Medical, and A&D Weighing). In addition, I was able to coordinate with the individual managers of each sector and work on a wide array of projects, from product packaging designs, to brochure layouts, to product campaign launches. The internship introduced the corporate world and allowed me to focus on my design abilities and expand on communication. ”
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