Tips for my interview at Unilever?

Be yourself. I think often times people get caught up and nervous in interviews. It is important to be comfortable and showcase what it’s like to be you. Interviewers want to know that you have a personality as that is key in connecting and working with others in the workforce. Other than this I ...
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What level of support from upper management will I get at Unilever?

Upper Management at Unilever is second to none. They truly care about your success. While being on co-op any questions I had I did not hesitate to ask anyone in the office. Unilever management and employees also do an excellent job of providing feedback to further increase your development and pr...
Relationship with Upper Management Engineering
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What was the compensation for interns at Unilever?

I received $200 (in 2015) and the compensation is good as an intern in Myanmar.
Engineering Compensation
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If you worked at Unilever, can you comment on whether they upheld their company values?

Unilever does a better than average job at upholding their company values (or they did when I worked there as an intern about 3 years ago). Many of the employees work there because they really believe in the company values and want to contribute to society. Like almost all companies, Unilever wil...
Engineering Values
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At Unilever, what does an R&D intern do?

The intern will primarily run benchtop lab experiments in improving current Unilever products. The company has projects in mind (things like changing chemical ratios in products, adding new chemicals to products, trying new technologies, etc) that are simple but necessary. Interns experiment with...
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To what degree of ownership did you have at Unilever?

As an intern, there was not much work to lead on, I helped my brand building managers with her projects and most of the time, I had to follow up and collect data. There are times when they let interns lead on some parts of the project.
Internship Engineering Work Ownership
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Question, is Unilever a good place to kickstart a career?

Unilever is an absolutely fantastic place to kickstart a career. They invest so much time into there co-ops not only to build the grounds for successful future employees but the success of future Packaging Engineers. With the vast amount of knowledge and resources available to each co-op at Unile...
Engineering Career Progression
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Tips on how to succeed at Unilever?

All it takes to succeed at Unilever is determination and a willingness to learn and seek knowledge from other people. They are not as concerned with concrete results from projects so much so as you show an understanding of the process on what a good process engineer would do to fix the situation.
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Is anyone have insight about the career progression line at Unilever?

The career progression for a R&D intern at Unilever will likely take the following course. At the end of an internship at Unilever in R&D you will have to give a presentation to the leadership team on what was accomplished throughout the summer. The leadership team will then select those they wis...
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How does my work at Unilever contribute to its mission statement?

As a brand building intern for Clear, I felt that I was helping people with their hygiene and personal care through the promotion projects, which were done at supermarkets and wet markets. As said in the mission statement of Unilever, their products are to make customers feel good, look good and ...
Engineering Company Mission
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Is there a good work-life balance at Unilever?

The work life balance is extremely good. You are well paid and work around 40 hours a week. You can expect to have your weekends and evenings for yourself.
Internship Engineering Work-Life Balance
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Why did you apply and accept your offer as an R&D intern?

I was always interested in working to develop consumer goods. I would say the leading motivation was that after months of hard work and collaborating with really talented people, I would get to see my products on shelf. In addition, I found it exciting that I was able to use my chemical engineeri...
Engineering Research
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What are some important skills to have under my belt as an R&D intern at Unilever?

Most R&D interns are upcoming seniors or juniors in college that have either an engineering or science background, although there was someone that had a liberal arts major while I was interning. As for softer skills, I would say that time management and a willingness to learn are the most import...
Skills Engineering Research
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Is there a mentorship program at Unilever?

Before the internship starts, the intern would be told what the internship project would be and who the manager and mentor is. The mentor is someone who you can turn to for really anything. Some mentors will be on the same team as you and so you can turn to them for advice on your project. My men...
Engineering Mentor
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What were some pros and cons being a Process Engineering Co-op?

I have really liked seeing a real-life setting where the principles that we learn about in class are used practically. I have also enjoyed the projects I've been able to work on like optimizing different processes within the plant. Seeing my work make a difference in this company is very rewardin...
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What's the culture at Unilever like?

During my internship at Unilever, my supervisors from brand building department, taught me a lot, they carefully explained starting from the first day and let me learn by going through the markets and talking with customers. The managers from other departments also taught and helped the interns i...
Engineering Company Culture
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What skills do I need to do well as a Packaging Engineer?

The awesome thing about Packaging Engineering is the environment that it brings. While attending classes and studying hard at school is very important I found success in using people skills as a Packaging Engineer. Communication, Organization, and Work Ethic are three things that I would consider...
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