About truxio

Our mission is to inspire the confidence of our partners. Those partners include small trucking companies with fleets of 5 to 50 trucks. We want to connect them to manufacturing companies that make, distribute, and ship physical products across all industries. By focusing on this connection between the two, our aim is to bring innovation in the form of problem solving to the way trucking companies and manufacturers work together.

Truxio’s History
Today truxio is revolutionizing the freight and transportation industry. But, we have humble beginnings grounded in our founding as a trucking and logistics company. Our passion to deliver innovative logistics solutions over the years has never changed. See our key milestones by exploring the timeline below.

We are unique. Our founders have a passion for transportation and the role it plays in the global economy.

Our Future
Our entrepreneurial spirit keeps us asking how we can solve the problems of our industry. Check out our website to see what questions we ask to drive our continuous improvement and big dreams. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these and other driving questions. Get in touch and we can go to lunch.


Entry-level Sales Associate

June 2022 Memphis, TN
“I love the people that I am working with. I'm extremely blessed to have this job be my first job out of college. Endless limits for growth, and this industry is evolving daily!”
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