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Real Work Experiences with Fortune 1000 companies: Advance your career with a Paragon One Externship.

Paragon One bridges the gap between education and the professional workforce with our fully-remote externship programs. Collaborating with Fortune 1000s like PwC, National Geographic, the Nature Conservancy, Home Depot, Beats by Dre, HP Tech Ventures, and more, our externships place students in short-term projects under the guidance of industry experts. These opportunities enable students to apply their academic knowledge to real-world scenarios, hone essential professional skills, and acquire unique insights into their chosen career paths.

Our externships are designed with flexibility and remote access in mind, catering to various fields and industries. With a commitment to offering enriching and unique experiences, Paragon One crafts each externship in collaboration with host companies. This collaboration includes careful planning of company training, project timelines, and meeting agendas, all coordinated by the Paragon One team, who will also manage Weekly Check-Ins with students and Company Meetings, providing continuous support throughout the experience.

All externships are remote and flexible, requiring 10-15 hours weekly to succeed in the program. This commitment includes time for learning, training, research, and meetings. Typical externships last 6-8 weeks, with specific program durations detailed in each offering.

Networking with Leading Companies: In the professional world, every interaction builds relationships and trust. Every Company Meeting within the program is a chance to impress and elevate your professional image. Upon completion, we compile all information regarding your work and performance and share it with Host Companies for potential further opportunities. Top students may gain additional chances to present their work and engage in follow-up discussions with company leaders.

Academic Credit Offered: We provide support for academic credit, but please remember to consult with your advisor or dean as credit-bearing policies may vary between institutions.

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PwC Extern

August 2023 - September 2023 New York City, NY
“Very supportive and easy to follow instructions. Learned a lot and developed my soft skills. Also improved my research skills ”


June 2022 - August 2022 New York City, NY
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