PACE Academy of Cypress

About PACE Academy of Cypress

We recognize that a student's time is valuable and we try our best to maximize the time spent with us. We offer a unique, thorough education that helps students to develop the right attitude towards academics and help increase GPA. We are an after-school tutoring center that provides a strong foundation in education for students ranging from K to 12th grade.

How PACE Works:
-Diagnostic tests are used to evaluate a student's current level/needs
-One-on-one tutoring to meet each student's individual needs
-Students are assigned to tutors based on subject, grade level and academic need
-Daily Record Charts are used to monitor student progress
-PACE will help prepare your student for advanced courses and to get a jump start on school curriculum​

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Academy Tutor

June 2018 - September 2018 Cypress, CA
“The long work hours and being with the elementary children ”
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