Orthopaedics Plus

About Orthopaedics Plus

Orthopaedics Plus provides the best opportunity for patients improve their quality of life by addressing the source of the problem, empowering them to take control of the impairments, and assisting them achieve their individual goals. Orthopaedics Plus promotes a culture of freedom in how patients can choose their therapist and their appointment times, how therapists can treat how they determine is the best, how employees can voice suggestions and concerns. Orthopaedics Plus cultivates growth, individuality, and diversity for staff by providing fellowship/residency training by highly experienced mentors, management/growth opportunities, and developing specialty and niche programs. Orthopaedics Plus maintains peace of mind due to a reputation of integrity regarding the service provided and the efficiency at which Orthopaedics Plus provides it. The owners believe that financial success comes with effective leadership and employees that not only enjoy their work, but take pride in the culture of Orthopaedics Plus.


Physical Therapist Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Beverly, MA
“I was an intern for both Orthopaedics Plus as well as their partner Spectrum Fitness, which is a personal training facility. The owners, Mike and Dave, have become tremendous mentors for me as I gain more knowledge in kinesiology. They are experts in their field and taught me many different exercises and techniques in functional rehabilitation. I was afforded the opportunity to do a personal case study on a return-to-sport soccer player with an ACL tear that particularly reinforced my love for health and fitness. As I progressed during my time there I was encouraged to pursue my goals by every one of my colleagues and all clients. Overall the experience figures to be an important one in my life. I learned more about myself, my passions, and my field than I had during my four previous years of part-time work experience. I’d do it all again immediately.”
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