One Heart Source

About One Heart Source

One Heart Source (OHS) is an entrepreneurial non-profit organization that designs and catalyzes education programs that empower vulnerable people and communities with choice and opportunity. The organization’s model of international mentorship connects university students to vulnerable youth and communities across cultural, social, and economic boundaries. With its partner communities in Jamaica, South Africa, and Tanzania, the OHS International Collective provides holistic care and academic excellence as a means of ending the vicious cycle of generational poverty. We believe students of Wabash College would benefit greatly from the experience of volunteering and teaching abroad.



July 2019 - August 2019 Cape Town, Western Cape
“I love the sense of community that you found in this organization, within it and the local community. It is a truly wonderful program. The program was created to be very immersive, where you live close to the community that you will be mentoring the students at, and you get to go on tours about the history of the community itself and even about South Africa in general. The leadership team is very hands-on and helpful, all in all, they are very welcoming and lovely people. ”
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