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Faithfully, volunteers and staff come to the ministry of NECM to facilitate ministry to our community. The staff and volunteers of are part of the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to provide for those we serve. Volunteers are utilized greatly and are the lifeblood of our organization. We depend so heavily upon them to provide for all our programs and services to those in need.


Pantry Co-coordinator & NOW program coordinator

June 2019 Grand Rapids, MI
“I've loved being able to provide a much-needed service to my local community. I had two positions: as a pantry co-coordinator, I worked at the management level helping to oversee volunteers, assist the Executive Director, sort/organize donations, staffing, etc. and had to fill any vacant positions if one arose. I was able to craft and implement a survey gauging satisfaction and necessity to include additional items which were a great experience. As a Nutritional Options to Wellness (NOW) program coordinator, I worked one-on-one with clients who had chronic diseases. I helped disseminate information pertaining to the health benefits and disease management through nutrition, I bought and stocked healthy foods that facilitated that, and researched recipes and incentives to motivate them to try new products that would be more nutritious for them. All the while, I had to adhere to Acess West Michigan's paperwork requirements; and gave feedback that will help them reshape the new program that will be implemented in April 2020.”
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