National Alliance on Mental Illness in Delaware (NAMI Delaware)

About National Alliance on Mental Illness in Delaware (NAMI Delaware)

NAMI Delaware is a statewide organization of families, mental health consumers, friends, and professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life for those affected by life-changing brain diseases such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. The organization achieves improvement by:

Providing support and coping strategies to families and individuals dealing with mental illness;

Promoting and delivering educational opportunities to improve the quality of life and to eliminate stigma;

Advocating to assure adequate in-patient and community-based mental health services for all Delawareans afflicted with serious mental illness.

This continuum of advocacy takes place at three interdependent levels:

Identifying and advocating for the needs of an individual,

Identifying and advocating at the grass roots level for specific issues broadly impacting the organization's stakeholders,

Identifying and advocating for systemic improvements to the delivery of care and services.

Developing a variety of safe, affordable quality housing opportunities for persons with serious mental illness;

Supporting research to unlock the mysteries still surrounding these brain diseases.


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August 2020 Wilmington, DE
“There is such a caring environment at NAMi. Every staff member is welcoming and enthusiastic about their work.”
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