Nand Capital

Software Engineering Intern

January 2020 • San Francisco, CA

What I liked

* I learned more from interning at Nand than from any semester in school. * The co-founders kept me involved in most decisions the company was making. This made me feel like an important part of the team and helped me better choose what problems to work on. * The co-founders give feedback and communicate very well. They created a comfortable environment for me to voice any concerns. They will let you know if you are on-track with your internship and are generally very supportive and open.

What I wish was different

* I wish the company had another intern while I was here (so come join Nand!) * I wish there were more food options around the Presidio


Nand Capital is a great place for self-driven people that are interested in working on hard problems. The ability to face failures and navigate through them with a positive attitude is crucial. If you are overwhelmed or do not understand something, it is really important to communicate that to the co-founders; they take great care to explain anything that is unclear. Learning a lot about how markets, computers, and start-ups work is the most exciting part of this internship!
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