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About Moxe Health

We’re Moxe (pronounced like “moxie”), founded in 2011 and born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. From day one we’ve been focused on how to make health care more efficient and connected. So much so that it’s at the core of our mission: To connect the health care ecosystem through the complete exchange of data, easily read by both humans and machines, so precise, actionable information leads everyday decision making.

At Moxe, we help health systems and insurers collaborate efficiently. We build software that powers world-class health information networks to power our health records clearinghouse. We provide valuable insights into medical records for everyone in the health care system: payers, providers and patients.


Software Engineering Intern

June 2019 - September 2019 Madison, WI
“I had a wonderful experience at Moxe Health! When I was in high school, I had an internship as well, but instead of working on a team I worked as another employee on the system. This created a huge learning curve; instead of me getting to work on a new system I had to learn the entire system that they were working on and then finish tasks with the fear that I would mess something up greatly. At Moxe, we were given a project, and I and three other interns worked on the project the entire summer. This increased productivity, and it was very exciting to be able to point to one portion of the system and show that was the part that we contributed to the system in total. ”
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