Curious to hear your motivation to apply for a software engineering internship at Facebook?

I chose to apply for the summer internship position mainly because I would like to learn how to work in the industry as a software engineer. The knowledge I learnt from working in the industry helped me to focus on what is transferrable in the materials taught at school. Also working in a tech co...
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What should I know to help my interview for a data engineer position at Facebook go as smoothly as possible?

The interview had two 45 minute rounds: SQL and Python.For each round they give 5-6 questions and we are required to solve as many as possible.I prepared for the SQL segment by revising SQL concepts from undergrad and practicing questions on Leetcode.For Python segment, I prepared by revising bas...
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Would you say starting off at Facebook as a data scientist is a good idea?

Facebook is a good place to kickstart a career as a Data Scientist because they have a lot of resources, a lot of smart people, and a lot of great perks. However, I would caveat that the position being tough professionally and socially. I was the only female data scientist on my team and I really...
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Can you quickly highlight some areas I should cover for my interview as a data scientist intern at Facebook?

Highlight any past analytics work, projects that required carrying a business question to final analysis deliverables and next steps, and relevant skills such as coding languages.
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What would it be like to work as a data engineer at Facebook ?

A regular day involves interaction with points of contact, attending analytics meetings and working on your project. Data Engineer is mainly involved creating large tables to support extensive analysis: They have to understand requirements of the project Building ETL (data) pipelines to create ta...
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At Facebook, what does the responsibilities of a Technical Program Manager look like?

The TPM role is very unique in a sense that it merges technical skills with program management and leadership skills. A Hardware storage TPM handles delivery of projects specific to infrastructure and those concerned with hardware products in data centers. It might also involve working on researc...
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How might my computer science major help me as I go into a data engineer job at Facebook?

The rigorous Computer Science curriculum at UCLA helped me prepare well for the interviews. I did not have to put in a lot of time in the preparation as my coursework had already made me proficient in Python. I was adept at easily coding projects and that helped me ace the interviews. As far as S...
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Any tips on what someone should know before an interview at Facebook, specifically a software engineering internship?

Be prepared for technical questions that involve programming without much testing (no compilation, IDE-like coding environment). Articulate your thoughts throughout the process of solving the problem(s) presented. This helps the interviewer understand your problem solving and logical reasoning sk...
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What did your data analytics interview for Facebook look like?

For Analytics at Facebook or any other company, understand the, product business model and the core mission. This will help you answer questions about certain product decisions or ways in which you would go about solving a certain problem. You can practice Fermi questions as a bonus. In any case,...
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If Facebook offers training for their software engineering internship, what does it look like?

You will work on tasks for the team you are assigned to. The mentor will help you select the project(s) you will work on during your term as an intern. The ramp-up is intense, but if you invest the time you will dramatically improve your ability to learn and develop code quickly.
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Did you feel like your work as an intern was "valuable", or perceived to be that at Facebook?

Honestly I can’t tell you how my role contributed to Facebook’s mission. It’s a big company with lots of teams and simultaneous projects - I was just another person to get some work done for them.
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What would you say is the culture at Facebook, especially as a big company as it is?

Facebook’s culture is a huge company that still wishes it was a startup. They try to make everything personal, but there’s a lot of hierarchy and procedures - which works for some and not for others.
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Did you have a good work-life balance as an intern working at Facebook?

I had ok work-life balance. I would get to the office between 8:30 and 9, take an hour for lunch, and leave between 6 and 6:30. I only worked later than that a handful of times and it’s not expected that you do work beyond standard working hours unless previously discussed with a manager or somet...
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