Fort Wayne Center for Learning

About Fort Wayne Center for Learning

Work in a positive and supportive environment where you are part of a team that makes a difference every single day for children! Instruct students who learn differently, in a one-on-one environment to help them overcome their learning challenges and become successful and independent learners. Use research and brain-based programs with proven results. Non-readers become readers. Children who don’t understand mathematical concepts learn how to do complex multiplication and division problems, as well as work with fractions and decimals. Children become willing and engaged participants in their classrooms. By helping students discover the strategies they need to become successful learners—and in giving them the confidence to use those strategies—the FWCL sets them on a path to becoming independent & productive members of society.



April 2019 - August 2019 Fort Wayne, IN
“I really loved working with the kids. Being to watch them go from crying and dreading a topic like division and then when they realized it was something they could solve on their own and rather quickly their faces lit up. ”
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