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About First Book

Leveling the Educational Playing Field
First Book is dedicated to ensuring that all children, regardless of their background or zip code, can succeed, by removing barriers to equitable education. We reach 5 million kids each year in low-income communities across North America, providing books and resources through a powerful network of more than 575,000 educators, the largest online community of its kind. By infusing high-quality resources into classrooms and programs nationwide, we level the playing field so that kids are ready to learn — because education transforms lives.

Our Core Values
Champion of Educators
We are passionate supporters of the educators who serve kids in need. Our First Book Network, a community of more than 575,000 educators and professionals who serve kids in under-resourced communities, has unparalleled knowledge into the educational barriers that confront their students. By researching their needs and challenges, First Book empowers these educators by providing books, resources, and initiatives that are directly informed by their feedback. In this way, educators help shape our resources, partnerships, and strategic solutions. We facilitate the sharing of best practices and expand educators’ access to affordable tools and resources. The result is that our educators are more supported and empowered to better serve their students and communities.

Social Innovation
We pride ourselves on having business minds and non-profit hearts. Using proven private-sector approaches, we design sustainable, system-changing strategies that drive measurable results. We are building a movement using insights and innovative ideas that amplify impact and disrupt the status quo in education.

Eliminating Barriers
First Book is dedicated to breaking down the barriers to educational equity by increasing access to evidence-based best practices, books, and resources in underserved communities.

Purposeful Collaboration
First Book is a bridge-builder, collaborating with public and private partners, translating best-in-class expertise into educational resources to support learning for kids in need. We partner with field experts, publishers, corporations, foundations, fellow nonprofits, leading academics, and individual donors to address the critical needs expressed by educators. These mission-driven alliances enable us to expedite resources to those who need them the most. Our collaborative approach results in a shared social identity and tangible impact, changing the lives of children in need for generations to come.


National engagement intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Washington, DC
“I loved the people I worked with and the highest strategic work I performed! ”
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