About DetraPel

DetraPel, Inc. is a clean-tech advanced materials company that specializes in synthesizing and manufacturing PFAS-free protective coatings. Along with its patented and award-winning PFAS-free chemistries, DetraPel’s technology platform introduces a new way of blending and dispersing immiscible particles into water-based systems. These unique products and processes help remove cancerous PFAS chemicals with non-toxic, sustainable, PFAS-Free alternatives that outperform traditional legacy fluorinated chemistries.

Parent Company of our Industrial Vertical, Impermea Materials & Consumer Brand, ProofPlus™.


Business Development Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Boston, MA
“Start-up environment was challenging, but asked for ample engagement, giving the interns a real voice for business decisions. Additionally, my role as business development was not restricting. Rather, I was involved with marketing, sales outreach, and many other roles in which I was able to gain more relevant experience in.”
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