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About Delta Sigma Company

Delta Sigma Company began operations in January of 1990 in Hesperia, California. In July of 1997, we moved to Kennesaw, Georgia to be closer to the F-22 Raptor team. We have over 40 years worth of experience in-house for all kinds of specialized LO (low observables) testing. We have built everything from the antenna to the cal target, radar, data collection & processing software, RF section, pylon elevator, pylon, multi-axis target positioner, target, and motion controls for moving parts in/on the target.

In 2010, the first ProjectionWorks System was installed. We primarily focus on developing complex automated systems to replace manual aircraft manufacturing stations and eliminate bottlenecks in station cycle time. We understand machine vision, lasers, servos, precision motion control, and dozens of other technologies that can be applied to aircraft manufacturing. At DSC, we engineer all of our own designs and software and build all of our machines in-house from the ground up, resulting in a fully 100% custom automation solution for the customer.

We work in industrial automation, aerospace, and engineering. We provide augmented reality solutions to companies for their assembly, paint, and harness works.


Engineering Intern

May 2016 - July 2020 Kennesaw, GA
“The employees were very nice and friendly and not afraid to call you out or crack a joke. The projects were a a lot of fun to work on and really interesting which expanded my understanding of engineering in the workplace and made me optimistic about my future. The 9/80 schedule was amazing and I hope my future job has the same schedule.”
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