I REALLY want to receive a return offer from Deloitte. What can/should I do?

Be friendly to your colleagues. If there are some mistakes you made, be honest and try to recuse. Be active and show that you really want the full time offer. Prepare for some professional knowledge of CPA exams. For example, when are you going to take it , how many subjects and knowledge?
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Is anyone willing to share their thoughts on the pros and cons of being a risk management intern at deloitte?

Like: very experienced and talented team members. Everyone is super smart and super responsible; the work I was working on requires lots of excel and data analysis, which can be very helpful for future career. Dislike: working from 9am to 8pm can be pretty stressful and tiring.
Internship Consulting Deloitte Pros and Cons Risk Management
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How's a typical day structured for a risk management intern at Deloitte?

8:30-9:30am: arrive in office and have morning meeting to report project process to clients. 9:30-11:59am: working on the projects. Manager will assign you the tasks. 12:00-1:00pm: lunch break 1:00-4:00pm: keep working on projects 4:00-5:00pm: have meeting with the other project team and clients ...
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Help! I have an upcoming interview for a risk management internship at Deloitte, what should I know beforehand?

They did not ask me any behavior questions. Every question is technical. First around is more about statistics and math. Content includes statistic model, series etc (topics covered in ECON203 and MATH241). The second round is more like, they give you 1 or 2 days to get familiar with the current ...
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What are some pros and cons of being a Discovery Intern at Deloitte?

As a Discovery Intern, I liked the opportunity to rotate between two departments, which were Audit and Tax for me. It's a good opportunity to compare which department you'd like to work in the future. I liked that Deloitte pays you to travel to a different city for training, which was Dallas for ...
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If I work at Deloitte as a Discovery Intern, will I have a lot of ownership/responsibility over my work?

You will have a decent amount of ownership over your work. Most things that you do, you have to put your initials down so people know that you did it. Your work will almost always be reviewed by someone else, so don't worry about making mistakes. Don't get me wrong, make sure that you try to do t...
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Work-life balance is important to me, so can anyone tell me what expectations I should have as a Discovery Intern at Deloitte?

I think Deloitte does a good job of maintaining a good work-life balance. It also depends on how far you live from the office to consider for time outside of work. However, Deloitte does many fun things for the interns, like happy hours, Cedar Point trip, lunches, community service day, Indians g...
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