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Are you ready to make a difference?

In the world we are faced with many problems, we see arguments occur between different groups of people. We see people judge, behave differently to someone that looks or acts differently to them. We create stereotypes for other people who we haven't even met. Our organisation wants to break this down.

We know that creating a community filled with people of different backgrounds is challenging stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination between people. Each year we build a diverse community of staff and campers, to give a true, real life representation of what our environment actually looks like.

We provide an enriched learning environment for children where they are physically and mentally challenged through various program activities (Treasure Hunt, Amazing Race, Archery etc) whilst learning how to work, support and love people who are different to them.

Our organisation works especially well when we have an excellent diverse staff group who are as passionate about Diversity and Inclusion as we are. We want staff members who are ready to work hard, to be a positive and inspiring mentor for children and who are ready to be all in at our Hawkeye grounds.

Our camp is located in New Hampshire, we have our own waterfront and we do regular hiking trips for the campers.

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Camp Counselor

June 2018 - August 2018 Moultonborough, NH
“Creating a family with the people i work with”
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