ASUC Student Union - Facilities Maintenance & Operations (FMO)

About ASUC Student Union - Facilities Maintenance & Operations (FMO)

The Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations (FMO) team of the ASUC Student Union provides essential services such as security, access, tenant improvements, building maintenance, emergency preparedness, and operational support for the ASUC, Student Union staff, Student Union commercial services, partnering tenants and all campus students utilizing ASUC Student Union spaces. We oversee budgets, manage and maintain facilities within the Student Union portfolio, including the Martin Luther King Student Union, Anthony Hall, Anna Head Alumnae Hall, Eshleman and several temporary office spaces.


Building Operations Assistant III - Operations Lead

February 2023 Berkeley, CA
“I like that this is a work-study job. The employers understand that the staff are students and are really lenient and accommodating when you bring up your commitment conflicts. ”
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