American Youth Foundation

Camp Counselor

June - July 2021 • Shelby Township, MI

What I liked

I loved being able to make connections with some of the kids! It was quite the rollercoaster, but I really loved the group I ended up with. I also felt like I was able to really make connections with my coworkers, and I felt very supported throughout the entire experience.

What I wish was different

I wish that, for the first week, the kids had been able to branch out more and interact with other groups, but this was due to a need for safety regarding COVID -- the kids were allowed to interact with other groups after everyone had tested negative, but then they seemed very set upon staying with their initial small group, which caused fighting and later issues... not the camp's fault because we were going for safety, but it was a struggle.


Do not be afraid to reach out to a coworker, coordinator, or director for help. Sometimes things will feel overwhelming, but, when that happens, you can reach out to others, and you can take a break until you feel ready to tackle camp life again.
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