Adirondack Mountain Club

About Adirondack Mountain Club

ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) works to protect New York State wild lands and waters by promoting responsible outdoor recreation and building a statewide constituency of land stewardship advocates.

Based out of the Adirondack Park in New York State, ADK is a leader in providing outdoor education, promoting responsible recreation, and organizing stewardship experiences. Since 1922, the organization has worked to increase access to the backcountry by building trails, conserving natural areas, and developing a stewardship community that supports the ethical and safe use of New York’s outdoor spaces. A member, donor, and volunteer-supported organization, ADK reaches across New York through its 27 chapters to inspire people to enjoy the outdoors ethically.


Summer Naturalist Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Lake Placid, NY
“Beautiful community, and I got to learn so much about nature, climate change, and built skills providing confident educational programs to a wide diversity of guests. I lived in a tent all summer, at the base of the most popular trailhead in New York State! It was beautiful. I learned so much, and grew so much as a person :) I can't urge enough, this internship is truly geared for people who deeply care about nature, the environment, and the outdoors!!! There were a wide variety of activities I got to partake in, such as creating exhibits for our nature museum, leading naturalist walks, giving guided hikes, acting as a summit host on Mt. Jo, giving 45 minute presentations, hosting camp fires, doing night hikes, and so much more. It's really just one of the best summer jobs you'll ever have.”
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