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We are currently revising the HCT program for 2018! Please stay tuned for updates coming soon.


HCTs demonstrate an up-to-date understanding of Handshake's features and uses, facilitate training sessions, and have a positive, patient and creative mindset.


HCTs have the opportunity to shape Handshake's first certification program and will receive a badge, certificate, access to beta features and much more!

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What is the Handshake Certified Trainer Program?

Who's eligible to become a Handshake Certified Trainer?


HCTs must complete the entire Handshake University training curriculum, and conduct staff trainings. HCTs recertify their status annually by passing our knowledge test.

The Handshake Certified Trainer (HCT) program certifies career service and student professionals to train others on the basics and best practices of using Handshake. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and resources for effective professional training while providing opportunities for continued growth.

The HCT program is open to all career service professionals , although it's probably best suited for staff who have or want to gain experience training others. We're looking for individuals who know how to use Handshake effectively, want to help others learn about Handshake, and have an encouraging and patient approach to training others. 

What does it cost to be a Handshake Certified Trainer?

There's no cost for those who participate in the pilot version of the HCT program. Eventually, we may introduce pricing for individual certification or group training at the school level.

How do I become a Handshake Certified Trainer?

Currently, the certification process consists of an application and product knowledge test.  If you're interested in participating in the HCT pilot, send us an email via the button below!

After you become an HCT, you'll need to lead at least one training session a year in order to maintain your active status. 

What's required to participate in the Handshake Certified Trainer program?

What's the status of my application?

You'll receive an email confirmation once you complete the HCT application and product knowledge test. You'll hear back about your status in about two weeks.

In what format should trainings be conducted?

Trainings should mostly be conducted in person, but virtual trainings are welcome as well.

What is the time commitment for this program?

There is no defined time commitment for this program. The main requirement is conducting 2 trainings per year, but the trainings can be however long or short they need to be for your colleagues.

Training and Certification Requirements Coming Soon!