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Fall Readiness - Career Services Webinars

Live training sessions are offered each month. These training sessions cover different information on the topic in each session and leave plenty of time for specific questions.


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At Handshake we know that training is the key to your success. We have engaging and interactive system training designed for all users and learning types.

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Calling all employers! Tell your employers to bring their questions to office hours, where our support team experts will assist you in finding answers.

Live Employer Webinars


Handshake Marketing: Tips & Best Practices August 2017

Analytics/Insights: Reporting Overview May 2017

This session dives into how to use Handshake Insights for your reporting needs.


Interview Schedule: Slot Grouping Overview April 2017

Learn about the updates to slot grouping in Handshake. This includes the ability to group slots by room, time, interviewer and student.


Transitioning Students to Alumni April 2017

Take a look at how to transition accounts efficiently and keep alumni connected to opportunities


Analytics: Advanced Overview May 2017

Learn more about advanced reporting on student engagement, employer engagement, payments, and pivots.


Learn more about communication tips and examples from fellow schools.

Fraudulent Employer Process April 2017

Join the Handshake Support Team to learn about the fraudulent employer process; how to flag fraudulent employers and more.


Welcome to Handshake!

Join us to learn about the implementation process, Handshake's history and Handshake basics - including how to build your school's unique Handshake page!

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Prepare for your Employer Launch

Best practices, tips, and common questions around your Handshake employer launch. We'll cover importing employers, approvals, roles, and our on-boarding toolkit.

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Prepare for your Student Launch

Importing students, Single Sign On information, major mapping and marketing best practices. We'll also hold plenty of time for Q+A.

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School Settings

Dive into appointment preferences, types and categories as well interview schedule preferences as you are setting up your school in Handshake.

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Using the Importer

Introduction to using Handshake's data transfer tool, the importer. Learn how to upload a file, read the errors and submit/request a file run.

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Employer Product Updates June 2017

We've made several improvements to the employer experience and administrative functions on Handshake. We'll also discuss how to use Handshake to target new employers. Join us to learn more!


Analytics: End of Year Reporting November 2017

Learn common Handshake reports and suggestions for sharing your offices impact with stakeholders


On Campus Interview: Basics August 2017

Walk through the basics of setting up and managing interviews on Handshake. This session is best suited for employer relations staff and employers who are new or beginners to Handshake.


On Campus Interview Updates July 2017

We've made several improvements and updates to the on campus interviewing experience on Handshake. Join us to learn about recent updates and walkthrough how to use the latest features!


Importer: Basics & Common Questions September 2017

Learn the basics of using the Handshake Importer App and how to handle common questions, errors, or issues that come up! Go over common issues with a file upload and learn more about how to view and fix failed rows.


How to Launch New Student Products August 2017

Learn about new products to share with your students, including Handshake Mobile, the new Dashboard, and Campus Profiles. 


On Campus Interview: Advanced Overview September 2017

Do you manage complex interview schedules for employers? Join us to learn how to build and manage flip flop or split schedules and more in this session. We'll also over common questions and errors to watch out for.


Handshake Employer Support Office Hours - biweekly Thursdays from 2:30-3 pm EST

Supporting Your Employers: Common Questions October 2017

We cover common questions employers are asking, along with tips and tricks on how to troubleshoot. We also include some tips on how to reach out to Support in order to get your employer questions answered as quickly as possible. 


Experiences: Tips & Best Practices - October 2017

Join us for a complete walk through of the workflow for experiences, from the student request process to all the way through evaluations and reporting. 


First Destination Tips and Best Practices: March 2018

In this we walk through the setup, how to customize and send out emails, reporting tips and our marketing best practices. 


First Destination Survey: February 2018

We'll provide an overview on the student experience, clean data and reporting features, best practices for response collections, and new upgrades for 2018 including a kiosk function!


On Campus Interview: Tips and Best Practices January 2018

We cover the basics and then go into a deep dive so you can learn tips and best practices for managing your On Campus Interviews. 


Career Fairs: Tips and Best Practices January 2018

In this session we go over a brief overview of Career Fairs and then dive into the tips and best practices when managing this feature.


Supporting Your Employers: February 2018

We take you through a second webinar of how to support your employers. We give you the resources on how to answer common questions that you may receive so you are equipped to help them out!


Analytics Series Part 1: March 2018

This is part one of a three part series where we went over pre-built dashboards, quick downloads and an introduction to explore insights. 


Recorded Webinars

View recorded sessions from previous webinars

This session covers common questions, tips and best practices on how to manage the appointments feature.

Appointment Management: Tips & Best Practices February 2018 

FDS Updates: March 2018

In this we walk through the new updates we have made to the First Destination Survey tool. 


Distributed Campus Webinars - Last Wednesday of each month @ 9AM PT

This webinar will share a general overview of Handshake, as well as tips on how to create multiple career centers, manage job postings, events, career fairs etc., all under one instance.


Analytics Series Part 2: April 2018

This is part two of a three part series where we went over pivoting, calculations, utilizing custom filters and more.


Analytics Series Part 3: May 2018

This is part three of the series and we covered frequently used reports, and more complex reporting questions. 


User/School Settings Setup, Management and Best Practices | 8/8 @ 11AM PST


Students and Alumni Setup, Management and Best Practices | 7/25 @ 11AM PST

Surveys Setup, Management and Best Practices | 8/1 @ 12PM PST


Appointments Setup, Management and Best Practices | 7/11 @ 1PM PST

Experiences Setup, Management and Best Practices | 7/18 @ 11AM PST


Interviews Setup, Management and Best Practices | 6/20 @ 12PM PST

On Campus Employment Setup, Management and Best Practices | 6/28 @ 11AM PST


Labels, Importer, and Data Management, Best Practices | 6/14 @ 11AM PST

Events and Fairs Setup, Management and Best Practices | 6/19 @ 1PM PST

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Welcome to Handshake! The Basics, The Network, Our Philosophy, and Resources |  6/12 @ 11AM PST

Distributed Campus Setup, Management and Best Practices - TO BE SCHEDULED

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Welcome to Handshake! The Basics, The Network, Our Philosophy, and Resources

Employer/Jobs/Applications Setup, Management and Best Practices

Handshake University: Implementation Webinars 

for Career Services

Live/recorded training sessions will be offered throughout the summer.  These training sessions cover topics particularly relevant for schools implementing Handshake.